About Us

Dynasty Modeling & Entertainment is a female modeling and music recording management
agency. Our Mission is to find beautiful talented female models and music recording artist all
across the world that need that push to get their career to the next level.

The idea began May 2005 by Frederick B. Rush, Eric K. Hudson and Mark D. Horton working
with a former company Icon Models as a hobby and rose quickly in popularity. By May 2012,
Dynasty Modeling & Entertainment was launched and where a pay site with a fan base in the
thousands. With over 150+ model profiles, members on 5 continents, three permanent US
branches in Philadelphia, New York, Miami, LA and Atlanta, and by booking girls for major
projects worldwide, Dynasty Modeling & Entertainment has matured into a true force in the
ethnic modeling world.

Here at Dynasty Modeling & Entertainment, we give these hopefuls the photos they need
and the proper exposure to get them going. Our track record speaks for itself. From their first
music video booking to their first major magazine layout, Dynasty Modeling & Entertainment
has provided countless girls with their first major paid assignment. We are in the business of
discovering new faces, launching careers, and providing girls with new forms of income both on
and off the web!